Rhys Chatham (STA DipH) is offering natal and horary readings.  Readings are done over Zoom.  To schedule a reading, see the contact page.





Full Natal reading:

This is a session that lasts approximately 60-75 minutes and is conducted either at my studio in Paris 6 or over Zoom. Contact me by email and we will discuss what you hope to learn from your reading, which will be tailored according to your current concerns and interests.

The full reading consists of a complete general analysis of your birth chart and can include specific topics of interest to you, such as questions concerning career, money, relationships, health, and the like. The reading finishes with a look at what is in store for you for the year ahead.

Analysis of current energies and for the year to come:

This session lasts about an hour and works with various time lord techniques including the solar return, yearly profections, primary and secondary directions, distributions, zodiacal releasing, and transits, all to take a detailed look at the current energies at work in your life as well as what is coming up for you over the course of the coming year.

Horary questions:

Have a pressing question that you need to know the answer to? Will my record sell? Will my publisher call back? Will the contract come through? Will my house sell? Does s/he really love me? Will my child pass the examination? Will my spouse recover from the illness? A horary reading can give you the answer.

The way the question is formed is important. Feel free to contact me and together we will form the question and find the response of the cosmos to your question!

Cost: 100€ for natal/first consultation, 80 € for year-to-come or subsequent consultations, 50 € for horary. For prices in USD contact me.

Payment by direct bank transfer or PayPal and is made at the time that the consultation is scheduled.

Consultations in English or French.


Here is a short video I made that explains what a horary reading is:

What is a horary reading? And why would you want one?