Rhys Chatham is a professional astrologer based in Paris, France with clients from all over the world.

He studied 20th century astrology with Charles and Vivian Jayne in the late sixties and seventies, and more recently has been immersed in the practice of traditional astrology, having studied Hellenistic astrology with Chris Brennan, Renaissance astrology and magic with Christopher Warnock, and is currently doing advanced horary study at the School of Traditional Astrology.

Rhys is also a hermetic kabbalist and has been a member of various lodges in the U.K. since the year 200O.


  • Studied 20th century astrology with Charles and Vivian Jayne in the sixties and seventies.
  • More recently in traditional astrology: Completed Chris Brennan’s full Hellenistic course in 2018.
  • Completed Chris Brennan’s horary astrology course.
  • Currently studying astrological magic with Christopher Warnock.
  • Completed the natal and horary full courses with Christopher Warnock.
  • Completed the School of Traditional Astrology Horary Practitioner’s course in December 2020, studies with Deborah Houlding, Lee Lehman, Eve Dembowski, and Wade Caves.

Kabbalistic studies and activities:

  • Kabbalistic and ceremonial magic studies with Ian Rees from the year 2000 to present.
  • Mystery school studies with Elizabeth Fox: 2014 – 2017
  • Mystery school studies with Dr. Steven Critchley: 2018 – 2019
  • Lodge of the Healing Name: 2000-2011.
  • Servants of the Light: 2014 – present