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We don’t collect your IP address or data on this site. If at some point we turn this site into a store that sells products (books, lecture recordings, and the like), this may change, but for the moment we are not in the data collecting business.

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Astrological analysis is interpretive in nature and therefore cannot be viewed as a science or as capable of absolute accuracy. Astrology examines likelihood, potential and probability – it cannot describe fixed outcomes, trends or traits. It is my task as an astrologer to identify these possibilities by reading a symbolic language, a process that is subjective in nature.

The client retains self-responsibility to make his or her own decisions – it is not my intention as an astrologer to make decisions for the client or to ‘direct’ him or her. What is offered is advice, which the client can take or leave. As an astrologer I will undertake an analysis or consultation to the best of my ability.

Clients are advised to seek independent professional advice for legal, medical, financial and other specialist questions.