Videos: Rhys Chatham talks about astrology.

Here are some videos that I have made on my YouTube channel on various astrological subjects.

  1. Astrological House Division – Part 1 of 3 (17m15s) – click here
    In this talk Rhys shows how the various astrological house systems are calculated (no math is required!). In the first video (this one) Rhys introduces himself and his background as an astrologer and gives a tour of the various great celestial circles used in house calculation.
  2. Astrological House Division – Part 2 of 3 (31m17s) – click here
    In the second video, he goes into detail on how the houses are calculated, starting with the first two categories of house division: (1) The ecliptic-based houses – whole sign houses, equal house system and Porphyry Houses – and then, (2) The space-based houses – the Meridian House System, Morinus, Regiomontanus and Campanus Houses.
  3. Astrological House Division – Part 3 of 3 (17m16s) click here
    In the third video, Rhys covers the time-based houses: Alcabitius, Kohn, and Placidus Houses, and then wraps up the talk with conclusions and possible next steps.
  4. How to Read an Astrological Chart – (22m52s) – click here
    What is an astrological chart, exactly? What do all the symbols and glyphs that we see on one mean? What is a rising sign? What is a “house”? what is an “opposition” or “trine” aspect? This 20-minute video gives a quick tour of the chart and explains what each of the symbols means, as well as the essential correspondences for the planets, houses and aspects.
  5. What is a horary reading? (6 minutes) – click here
    Almost everybody has heard of natal astrology. That’s the branch of astrology that gives information about the nature and course of a person’s life based on the relationship of various astrological symbols in the heavens at the time they were born. While natal astrology looks at your entire life, horary astrology answers a specific question. You don’t need to know the time of your birth or what your rising sign is, all you need is a sincere burning desire to have the answer to your question! This 6-minute video explains what a horary reading is, and how to pose a horary question.
  6. What is Traditional Astrology? – Part 1 of 3 (10m04s) – click here
    In this short 10-minute talk, we’ll define what traditional astrology has come to mean, along with what it meant in the recent past, and we end with a suggestion for retooling its use.